Spinal Column Treatments and Conditions.

Minimum Invasion Surgeries

Brain Surgery

Brain Tumors

Hypophysis or Pituitary Gland Tumors

Brain Aneurysm

Stroke and Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Arteriovenous Malformations



Tension Headaches

Brain and Skull Traumas

And Others

Brain Treatments and Conditions.

Minimum Invasion Surgeries

Spinal Column Surgeries

Lateral Lumbar Fusion Surgery (DLIF, XLIF)

Posterior Lumbar Fusion Surgery (TLIF, PLIF)

Anterior Lumbar Fusion Surgery (ALIF)

Lumbar Artificial Disk (Lumbar Arthroplasty)

Cervical Artificial Disk (Cervical Arthroplasty)

Cervical Fusion Surgery

Cervical Laminectomy / Laminoplasty

Cervical Disk Wear and Hernia

Lumbar Micro- discectomy

Lumbar Disk Hernia

Sacroiliac Pain


Lumbar Illnesses

Cervical Illnesses

Lymphomas and Inflammatory Diseases


Back Pain

And Others

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